Monday, October 7, 2013

New Friends


This past weekend Audrey got two new friends...hamsters. My husband had been wanting to get some for her for quite sometime. Audrey and Brian made a whole day of it. They went to pick out the hamsters and got all the necessary supplies for them. Audrey helped set up the cage and helped feed them. Although, I think she may be a bit too young for the hamsters... I believe this is helping her understand to care for things and how to be kind. 

As soon as we got home today she was ready and willing to feed them along with her chickens and two dogs. Each day she understands that when we get home, we need to feed all the animals and make sure to play with them. She takes her job very seriously, it is pretty cute. Brian and her named the hamsters Mr. Long and Mr. Short because one has long hair and one has short hair... ha! Welcome to the family little guys...

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