Thursday, January 30, 2014

School Life

Audrey has been busy learning lately and enjoying it too. I love to create projects for her to learn. Projects that consist of her following directions and also projects that let her play too. We recently made a ocean in a mason jar. We collected sand, seashells, seaweed, and underwater sea creatures. It was a fun project and she loved learning the names of the different fishes. She played with this jar all afternoon and even wanted to nap with it... I convinced her it needed to stay on a shelf :) She also has been busy with her ballet. They will have a little recital in June that we are looking forward too. Her classes are closed practices, but I am told she is staying focused and always has a huge smile on her face :)

Audrey has recently showed interest in writing the alphabet... she has mastered a few of the letters. I love this drive she has to learn things, I hope this drive sticks around in her older years. My goal is to always to make things new and interesting. I know in school things may not always come so keeping her motivated and her knowing she has support at home is key. 

Learning can be fun... it's my promise :)

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