Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

The other weekend my sister, Audrey and I went back to San Francisco to visit our favorite bridge. The weather was beautiful... perfect for hiking and exploring. We hiked down to Kirby Cove because I heard there was a little hidden swing there for Audrey with good views of the bridge. Although the hike was a little much for a toddler it was worth it and I can (usually) carry Audrey for these types of hikes. She is still pretty light for her age and it gives me a little work out too. It is always fun spending time together and exploring new places in the Bay Area.

Another thing I love about our little adventures is they don't cost too much. Usually it is just gas money and bridge toll we are spending. We always pack plenty of snacks and parking is always free too. Our main goal is to get out and explore and spend time together... not spend money. Do more... see more.  

First Adventure
Second Adventure
Third Adventure
Fourth Adventure

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