Monday, September 15, 2014

School Life

This Little Lady has still been attending her little preschool program. She is now going three days a week for three hours. On the days she is not attending my Mom and Dad work with her at home. For right now we get the best of both worlds...homeschool and preschool. Audrey still attends her ballet and piano on Saturdays which she loves. My goals for her are to expose her to new things but still keep her schedule light and easy. I want her to enjoy her grandparents, free play, and her much needed (still) nap time. 

Hoping this schedule will work for her... if we find it too tiring for her we will adjust.  This past week she had her first homework assignment, had her first little behavior incident (more on that later) and had little neighborhood friends ask her to come play with them. Enjoying this time with her and feel grateful we get to help her learn and grow. 

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