Tuesday, November 12, 2013

School Life

This Little Lady has been busy learning and creating. My parents are always doing little projects with her like the cats and pumpkins above and even show and tell day... Audrey brought Mr. Long that day :) Audrey also likes to cook with her Grammy, their specialty is making pudding. On my days off I like to plan little projects for Audrey and I to do...our latest was a science experiment on turning carnations different colors with food coloring. I enjoy being hands on with her learning and I know my parents do too. One of our nightly routines is doing flashcards of the alphabet for letter recognition and I just recently bought this for number recognition. It has been a fun journey so far and I can't wait for more learning.

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  1. Your little girl is adorable! Also... look how organized you are with her cute little lunch and hampster pail. I love that she takes Mr. Long with her - we always had to leave our pets at home.
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