Monday, July 14, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

So my sis and I have made it our mission this summer to explore different areas in the bay. We decided to head to Bakers Beach. I have only been one time before and I knew it had really nice views. The only problem is that the weather can be really unpredictable and you never know when the clouds will come rolling in. Sure enough when we went...clouds and fog to the point where we couldn't even see the bridge. So we made the best of it and still explored what we could. Audrey is such a trooper on the these adventures she is always down to climb, walk, and always lets me hold her when the terrain is too rough. 

We decided to come back and try again a few days later. The weather was still a little overcast but the weather was much warmer and no fog. I showed my sis the views that I knew but for whatever reason we were not impressed. So we decided to drive down the road to see if we could get some more scenic views and we sure found them...they were some old ruins over looking the bridge. There was old abandoned buildings and pathways leading to awesome views. The best part was not too many tourists were there, so it was kind of like finding a secret spot to explore. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay too long because it was really windy and Audrey was getting tired but for sure we want to go back and explore more. Love exploring with my sister and so happy sharing these moments with Audrey.

Our First Adventure...

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