Sunday, August 20, 2017

Summer Blues

Happy Sunday!! Last week was our first week back at work/school. I have to say it went pretty good. We have kept the past few weeks very low key. Think...lots of couch and Gilmore Girls. We are usually out exploring every single day during the summer but this time... it just didn't feel the same with my Grandma being gone.  I promised Audrey we will get back out there and start planning some trips soon. Next June we plan on seeing Italy, Croatia, Greece, and most likely France. So some planning is going to have to happen ASAP... haha!

Audrey started the first grade and her teachers this year are amazing. I can't wait to help find her some accommodations to help with her focus issues. I have such a good feeling about this school year. Work life will busy but I have missed my students and I am excited to get to work with them again. Here's to a good school year ahead...

Keeping this quote in mind when I find myself missing our G.G.

"You are only miles, never moons away, my love. Find me in the sky."

Thursday, July 27, 2017

On the Border

This little trip took place during the beginning of Summer when all felt right and things were easy.  Now a days things are harder since losing my grandma...these things just take time I suppose...

As soon as school got out we hit the road and again with no real plans, we just had a few stops we wanted to make. We first found the abandoned train, we had been sitting on those coordinates for awhile so it was nice to finally see it. It was 115 degrees that day I was surprised we didn't all die from heat stroke. I have never sweated so much in my life. It was still worth it though. We then headed over to Salvation Mountain where it was still blazing hot but such a magical, strange, little place. 

We then needed to decide where to head next. We all voted for Mexico considering we were so close to the border. We headed into Rosarito the next day and relaxed on the beach. We had a really good experience crossing the border and it only took us about 45 minutes to get back in the states. It is something I would totally do again. We decided to then head to Palm Springs to relax even more. We checked into the ACE Hotel and spent the day by the pool before heading home. I have no pictures from Mexico or Palm Springs except some iPhone shots. My camera thought it would be fun to quit working half way through the trip and then magically start working as soon as we got back. Oh well, we still had the best little adventure and it was a good way to kick off the Summer. 

I am doing my best to keep this Summer fun and adventurous for Audrey even though most days I am not really feeling it. Tomorrow we plan on doing a road trip up the Northern Coast of California in search of some magic and to help take our mind of things for a bit.  We shall see what we find...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal

To be honest this Summer has been absolutely awful. We ended up losing our Grandma very unexpectedly... no one could have predicted this and it truly hurts. We are all doing our best to put a smile on our face and keep on going. There is one thing she always taught us and that was "life is not a dress only get to do this life once." She always told us to live life to our fullest and that is what we always try to do and will continue to do. I was able to take pictures of her home the other day. She had such exquisite taste and kept such a beautiful home. Here are a few of her garden... it was one of her favorite places to be. She was truly a beautiful person inside and out. We will miss her and always remember the things she taught us. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Secret Swings

Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer. We have been enjoying the slow days and spending a lot of time with family lately. My Grandma is having some health issues so we have been spending time with her and the family. We also celebrated Father's Day and my birthday as well. It has been a nice Summer so far and we just want to enjoy every moment.

Last weekend we decided to go on a hike and put a little swing overlooking a good view. We had done this hike before so we knew exactly where to put the swing. Brian being the handy man that he is had it up in less than five minutes. We are not sure how long the swing will last. I'm the sure park rangers won't be too thrilled that it is there. I hope a few people find it and get to enjoy it though before they take it down. I have a few other spots in mind to put more swings. The whole project only cost a few dollars. Hoping to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the view. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Finding Magic in Mexico pt. 2

The summer is here and we are so excited. I already hit the road and ended up in Mexico, more on that later though...

These are few other photos from our magical Mexico trip. We some spent time walking around town but majority of the time was spent at the beach relaxing. We didn't even do any hikes which is crazy for us. Our main focus was just spending time as a family. The weather was beautiful and we were always able to find good food... lots and lots of tacos were consumed during this trip. Looking at these photos are getting me so excited for Tulum which is less than a month away. Our Tulum trip will  be more about the hiking though. I can't wait to see what we discover there. We love you, Mexico!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Sweet Weekend

This past weekend was so nice. The weather was warm and for the first time in a long time we were errand free. We had no where special to be, no special parties, and no work. We sat and thought about what we could do with our warm weekend. We all agreed... the drive in movies is where we need to be. We packed up the ranchero and we were off. It was good two days spent with the people I love. We really got to spend time with each other and not stress on the next thing that needs to get done.

Audrey's and my school year is coming to a close. She will graduate next week from Kindergarten and we couldn't be more excited. Things are starting to wind down and soon we will be able to have more freedom to do just us. I can't wait...summer we are ready for you.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finding Magic in Mexico pt. 1

During our Spring break we decided to head to Mexico. We just needed a little get away and found an amazing travel deal that we couldn't pass up. Even my Brian joined in this time. He's not usually one for travel but this time I was able to convince him. So we headed to Puerto Vallarta with no plans in mind but relaxing and spending time together. Most days were spent relaxing on the beach, eating good food, and seeing the town a bit. Brian even made a friend with one of the locals and he gave us his own personal tour of his home. We were able to see his neighborhood and meet his sweet family. We all fell in love with Puerto Vallarta... it has this laid back vibe and everyone is so kind that you meet. Audrey loved the weather and couldn't get enough of the beach. This trip really meant a lot to me, it was so nice to get away from the hectic Bay Area and gave us a chance to find some magic. When we got back from this trip my sister and I booked another trip but this time to see Tulum... We are all counting down the days. There is just something about Mexico.