Monday, September 15, 2014

School Life

This Little Lady has still been attending her little preschool program. She is now going three days a week for three hours. On the days she is not attending my Mom and Dad work with her at home. For right now we get the best of both worlds...homeschool and preschool. Audrey still attends her ballet and piano on Saturdays which she loves. My goals for her are to expose her to new things but still keep her schedule light and easy. I want her to enjoy her grandparents, free play, and her much needed (still) nap time. 

Hoping this schedule will work for her... if we find it too tiring for her we will adjust.  This past week she had her first homework assignment, had her first little behavior incident (more on that later) and had little neighborhood friends ask her to come play with them. Enjoying this time with her and feel grateful we get to help her learn and grow. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Make it Count

Making each day count has been the theme around here since returning back to work. Our days are long around here and getting tired is inevitable. I am slowly learning to keep things light and easy when we get home. In the past I was constantly searching for the secret of how to get dinner on the table, chores done, lunches packed and still be able to relax and spend quality time together. My Grandma told me "There is no secret... you just do it and do it with a smile." 

Since hearing this advice things have been falling into place at home. My husband and I have started doing a weekly menu and whoever gets home first starts dinner. Chores such as laundry, dishes, packing lunches and other household things still get done (because we are neat freaks) but at a slower pace. Spending the evening together is our first priority. Life is good and we want to make each day count. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

Things have been "crazy busy" around here...back to work is in full swing but this past weekend my sis and I took some time to explore. We found out about this park that overlooks the city in San Francisco. It has a small little rope swing that is tied to a tree. Audrey was so excited to see this swing but could not understand why a park would not have any slides :) The views were pretty amazing and we were lucky enough to see the sunset. It was a good evening and I glad to take some time out before the busy week. Things will remain busy around here for awhile but I am determined to still take time out to explore and show Audrey it is not always about work.

First Adventure
Second Adventure
Third Adventure

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Take a Hike

Our summer has been full of adventure and the outdoors. So we had to end our summer with a little hike. Come tomorrow starts busy schedules and long days ahead. During our hike we got a chance to see blue birds, and even deer or reindeer has Audrey would say. It was nice to spend this time with her and feel I incredibly lucky that I time off from work to be with her. Good memories were made and we plan on making this summer jar again. Here is to a good school year ahead because ready or not here it comes...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer School

This Summer while we have been home, we have been working on our school work. Audrey has been doing little learning activities and I have been tutoring the sweetest girl in math. I love the idea of home learning during the Summer and feel lucky I am able to do it. Audrey is still doing her little preschool program. She absolutely loves going and her teacher told me she has a very "strong personality" (more on that later.) The Summer will be ending soon and back to "crazy busy" will soon begin. So taking in these last few days is very important to me. Summer you have been good to us...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies (Highway One)

Last week my sister and I decided to take a daycation down the coast. There was no planning involved but booking a hotel in a small coastal down over looking the ocean. The only thing we had in mind was to make a ton of stops along highway one to take in the scenery. We made stops in Carmel, Big Sur, San Simeon, Cambria, and some stops we didn't even know what town we were in. It was a nice time spent with my sister and we love showing Audrey all the things the coast has to offer. During one of our hikes we got to see whales and even seals. The best part was seeing these animals in their natural habitat. I love doing overnight trips like this...they are truly my favorite.

Shortly after we got back from our trip my sister was in a car accident. My sister is okay, but her back really took a hit. She unfortunately broke her back and it may require surgery. It really puts things in perspective and I am super thankful for my sister. We are complete opposites but totally can relate to each other if that makes any sense. Basically, I love being there for her and she loves being there for me. As soon as she heals I am going to plan another trip for us. 

First Adventure
Second Adventure

Friday, August 1, 2014

Flordia (South)

After visiting up North we road tripped to West Palm Beach to stay with good friends. This is when I learned that North Florida and South Florida have two very different vibes. By this time, Audrey was way off her schedule and for the next few days she was really, lets just say...out of control. We headed to South Beach thanks to Drea, who found a cute little apartment to rent. Once we were there we enjoyed good food, desserts, and drinks. We also learned that Florida is in its rainy season in the Summer. At times it poured like crazy but never when we were outside...thankfully. I got a chance to try Haitian food and Brian had his first Cuban sandwich. It was nice to be in a new city and see new things. We got to see the art district (really awesome) and the main streets in South Beach. My only problem was my camera was giving me issues, so these were the only pictures I managed to get. We had a really good time with really good company even though Audrey was at times a little unruly :)

More on our trip from Drea.