Sunday, April 13, 2014


This Little Lady spends her days at home outside exploring and playing...always barefoot. She only breaks for food, bathroom breaks, and her naps. We tried to create a backyard that gives her room to explore, create, and play. When it gets too dark for the outdoors you can find her playing with legos, puzzles, reading, doing yoga with me, or torturing our two dogs :) We are not big believers in television or electronic devises but we do the weekend movie nights...which she loves. I love that you can always find her outside and that most of her days are spent unplugged. 

Handmade outdoor fun...
Tire Swing
Outdoor Kitchen
Porch Swing

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Friends

On Sunday for Audrey's birthday we invited a few of her friends over to play in the sand box and play in a mini jumpy house that we borrowed from a friend. It was really cute watching her play with her little friends. The conversations they have are so awesome to hear. I know over the next couple of years we will get to have more of her friends over and I love that. I can only imagine the sleep over fun they will have. It all just goes back to creating a home we can build good memories in...

Monday, April 7, 2014


Yesterday was Audrey's third birthday. We started her day off with pink pancakes and her very own little table with her table guest...Tuffy. We sang Happy Birthday and she knew to blow out her candles and make a wish.  It was a sweet moment shared with just us. After her breakfast we gave her the only thing she asked roller skates. These roller skates are the cutest most scariest thing I ever did see. It is still hard to believe I have a three year old. Over the past three years though, I have learned that my daughter and I are complete opposites...but she gets me and most of all I get her.

A look back...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beach Nights

This past Sunday we took the family for a quick beach trip. Nothing planned...just grabbed the beach toys and we were off. We got a chance to watch the sun go down (my favorite) and grab dinner. The cousins got to spend some quality time and build their sand castles. I love our beach trips. They truly are my favorite thing to do... I always feel so peaceful when I go. We try to head out to the beach at least once a month and once a week during the summer. Here is to more beach trips ahead...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Quiet Blog

These past couple of weeks things have been pretty busy around here. Some days work seems to take over. Enjoying the quiet moments we are home together is key. This extra daylight after work is helping too. You can often find Audrey running around outside till the sun goes down. Actually you can always find her running around outside and of the many things I love about her. Here is to taking time to enjoy the quiet moments.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Growing Up

This past weekend I finally caved and Audrey got her first hair cut. Family members had been practically begging for months for me to trim her hair. The bottom line was... I wasn't ready for her first trim. Then on Sunday I mentioned to Audrey if she wanted to get her hair trimmed and she got so excited... I had to let her. She sat so still and proud in the salon, she watched so closely as the lady trimmed her bangs. It was a moment for the both of us and I can't wait for more "firsts" with her. I tear every single time.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Saturday Life

This past Saturday was really a perfect day. We had no major plans but ballet and a little study time for Audrey and we did just that. It was parent observation day at Audrey's ballet school and we got a chance to see how she does. Audrey starts out at the beginning of practice really shy and just watches and by the end she is full on moving and doing her best to focus on the instruction given. At one point in the middle of class she felt the need to tell everyone about her new necklace...she silenced the whole room :) After ballet we did a little study/family time together. We worked on letter recognition and writing a few letters. It was nice just to be together and have a slow morning. 

We noticed the weather was nice so we decided to start our garden. We got peppers, tomatoes, squash, kale, stawberries, and a few herbs. We don't exactly have a green thumb but hopefully with a little love and care we can get this little garden to grow. I love days when we stay close to home, get organized, and have a little family project. I use to be all about going out but now I am all about staying in.