Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Me Time...

Go. See. Do... is the words I try to live by. During the school year my days are packed and I am constantly trying to keep my head above water. I am always busy with work, chores, long commutes, keeping up with the Audrey and everything else I need to fit in between those things. So on the weekends when my errands and housework are caught up... I sneak away usually with my sister. 

The other weekend we went on a four hour hike to find a waterfall and it was so worth it. My husband always worries that I am making myself more tired by doing these hikes but actually is what gets me going. My sister and I get to talk and figure out this thing called life. We get to see new sights and experience things you wouldn't get to see if you were relaxing on the couch all day. I come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the long work week ahead. This being said... I do love my couch and do enjoy it from time to time but more often than not I choose adventure!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Art Party


Last weekend we celebrated Audrey's fifth birthday with an art party. We invited her closest friends and had a little fun. When planning the art party it was at first going to be a small party with a few arts and crafts but after my husband got involved... there was soon a jumpy house, face painter, and even a popcorn machine. It was ALL worth it in the end I suppose... the kids had a good time and were fully entertained. There was a point in the party where I thought no kid would even want to sit down and do art but eventually they all sat down and got to work. It was fun party with her little friends and Audrey really had so much fun. We decided every five years we can do bigger parties like this for her. We want to actually get a little outdoor theater set up in our backyard. I have a feeling sleepovers will start to happen more and more as she gets older and we want to prepared. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Exploregonian (Part Two)

 Exploring Portland was really cool. There are so many things to do and see. We tried to do as much as we could during the days we were there. We got to explore waterfalls, forests, the downtown area, and even a few places outside Portland. The one thing I wish we could have done more was explore all the good resturaunts. There just wasn't enough time in our days. The weather was absolutely beautiful as well. We were prepared for rain but it stayed in the seventies and sunny the whole time we were there. So most nights we would take our dinner down to the river front and watch the sunset. One night we got to watch the sunset on a roof top in downtown. I am super thankful for this little trip we took. It gave us time away from our busy schedule and allowed us to do what we do best...explore.

Part One...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exploregonian (Part One)

So we survived our road trip. We had such a good time and had such nice weather. We drove up North to Oregon and even drove into Washington. These pictures were taken right before we left for home. We decided to get up early and do one last hike. We heard there was a real suspension bridge at the end of the hike with beautiful views... so we couldn't pass it up. We packed some snacks and filled our water bottles and we were off. It was so worth it... afterwards we drove the 10+ hours home. Crazy... we know.

Audrey did so well on the road. We did a ton of driving each day and she rarely complained and always took her naps in the car. I could not have asked for better behavior from her. She got to see mountains, snow, waterfalls, forests, rivers, and so many beautiful views. She was in heaven and she can really hike...she can totally keep up. I am so thankful my sister and I could show her all this and spend some time together... just us girls. 

Road Trip Survival

We are heading up to Portland today (actually already on the road) and it is going to be a 10+ hour road trip with my sister and Audrey. We will be on the look out for good views, good waterfalls, and good food. Audrey has been road tripping since she was a baby and is used to being in the car for long periods of time. She is usually pretty good about being in the car but there are few things we need to survive on long road trips... 

Snacks and activities top the list. We love road trip snacks and even though there are only healthier options in the picture above... we have been known to get some junk along the way but we always do our best to keep it pretty healthy. Activities for Audrey are pretty important... we always have plenty of notebooks, crayons, and coloring books. We also do some books on cd and have some of her music playing. 

Things I also always have in the car...
Plenty of napkins and towels
First aid kit
Portable vacuum

Wish us luck on this 10+ hour drive...we are going to need it 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Out and About

Spring is here and so is the beautiful weather mixed with some much needed rain in between. Life has been busy but we always make time to escape and do what we love... and that is to adventure. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago where there was a break in the rain. Audrey loved running through the grass and I loved the beautiful views. California love always...

Besides working like crazy and sneaking off for adventures here and there life has been pretty good. Audrey got accepted into Kindergarten for next school year and has been doing very well academically. We are still working on her social skills...she is good girl with a VERY big spirit. I just want to help guide her to make good choices with her spirit. Audrey will also be turning FIVE next month. She is very excited to have a art party with all her friends. 

Today I am officially on Spring Break and we started the morning dying our chicken eggs and planting some seeds for Spring. Our garden is in need of some serious TLC...with all the rain we have been a bit lazy and let the garden go. So today and tomorrow will be dedicated to getting the garden up and running again. This next week we plan on road tripping it up to Portland too...give us all the waterfalls!!! It is our first time there... any suggestions for good food and things to see?

Hope everyone has a happy Friday...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Learning Love

Growing a love for learning is something that is really important over here... perhaps it is because I work in education :) We are so excited for Audrey to start Kindergarten next year so she can start their Spanish program but until then there is Kids Candor. They have Bilingual educational kits that can keep this kid entertained. It was fun doing the little activities with her and working on the flashcards. I still can't believe Audrey will be kindergarten next school year and I am sure it will be one interesting year!!!