Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day by Day

I'm back... and we are finally on Thanksgiving break!! We are so excited for a little time off work to spend time with family and slow down for a bit. Things have been pretty good here...we have just been living life and trying to make the most of each day. We have some trips planned for the end of the year and can't wait to get out and adventure. We are spending part of Christmas break in a warm tropical place and the other half in the snowy mountains. It has been hard to get away from work, even on the weekends so I'm happy we were able to plan these upcoming trips.

My husband and I are forever daydreaming of selling everything and moving to a quieter place. Down size even more, work less, and spend more time together. Audrey often times wants to stay home and learn too. I think one day this may happen...we literally talk about it all the time. Till then we are taking this busy life day by day.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Still Here

It has been too long but we are still here... going strong. Audrey started Kindergarten and I started a new position this school year. It has been a whirlwind but we are both enjoying our new roles. We were lucky enough that Audrey got accepted to the same school that I work at too. The position that I have gives us just enough space too and she understands that I will see her at lunch and after school. So we have been busy learning new things, hanging with family and friends, and still exploring new places. Life has been really good and we are just trying to take things day by day.

I plan to share pictures from a few adventures we took towards the end of summer really soon. We had a chance to visit some amazing places. Already planning a few more during our school breaks... I am so excited.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hawaii Adventures

Hawaii was honestly the best. Audrey still asks daily if we could move there. She loved that the weather and the ocean was so warm... I loved it too. She kept assuring me she didn't need a sweater and was so proud to keep telling me that. We hiked, beached, ate, relaxed, and chased sunsets. We stayed mostly in North Shore on Oahu and tried our best to not do touristy things. We found secret beaches, secret caves and even found a secret treehouse. We would get up early and stay out till dark. We didn't want to waste any time on the island and we wanted to see all that we could.  I loved that my sister and I literally planned to go to Hawaii on a whim. We booked flights randomly one night and the rest is history. We will be back one day soon and can not wait.

More on our Hawaii hikes...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Traveling Life

This summer has been filled with travel and we couldn't be happier. Audrey has been traveling since she was a baby and loves to fly. I have to say she is a good travel buddy. We have never had a melt down on a plane and she understands now that flying is a privilege. Our flight to Hawaii was a little over five hours and she did amazing. We stared out the window, colored, snacked, napped, watched a movie and she played her learning games. It was a great flight to and from... she is a pro.

When preparing for our flights this summer I didn't pack too much. I realize now that she is older and she can entertain herself and is pretty much content coloring. We did bring a kindle so she could do some learning games. I am not a fan of iPad type devices but she does love her games. Also since she will be going to Kindergarten this August I packed her workbooks and flashcards too. On the way back from Hawaii we took the red eye and it worked, she slept the whole flight and I was obsessed with watching all the free movies. I am a fan of red eyes... I only recommend them though if you are traveling with people that can sleep. My family and I can sleep anytime, anywhere. We plan on taking a flight to Europe next June and I think by then she will be ready for the long flight.

More on Road Trip Survival...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hawaii Adventures

A few weeks ago my sister and I were out and about and the topic of Hawaii came up. We decided right then and there we needed to go. We booked tickets on the spot and worried about the rest of the details later. Many people worry that by me bringing my daughter to so many places that either she won't remember or doesn't appreciate it. However, I think quite the opposite. I feel by sharing our adventures with her she will grow to appreciate all this world has to offer and will want to go out and do good as she grows.

The moment we stepped off the plane we headed to our first hike. We didn't want to waste a moment. As soon as we stepped on the trail the beauty of Hawaii surrounded us. I carried her part of the way... mainly because I wanted to see if I could do it with her on my back. For the most part though she can do it on her own. The hike was slippery, wet, muddy, steep, and it was amazing. It makes all the hard work worth it when you see gorgeous views and a beautiful waterfall at the end. We later caught sunset at the beach. It was an amazing first few hours in Hawaii.

Hawaii was amazing and we made some good memories... more pictures to come.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sweet Friends

 About a week ago we had some sweet friends stay with us. Drea and her daughter Marlowe came to visit us again here in California. We didn't make too many plans our only goal was to explore and explore we did. We did a few trips to San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. Although, I have explored these places often, I usually only stick to scenic views... so it is nice to see the good restaurants and cute shops too. We got to hang out at Pride, SF Botanical Gardens, Japanese Tea Garden, Thai Temple, and Academy of Science. Audrey loved having a Marlowe here and wishes she could live with us. Marlowe is such a smart, mature, and wonderful girl, she certainly taught my daughter so much. We had a few down days too where the girls just played and Drea and I got to catch up on the couch or hang out in the backyard.

My favorite part of their visit was our road trip down the coast on highway one. We got to see our beautiful California coast and stayed at the Madonna Inn. I have been wanting to stay there for awhile so I am glad we got a chance to do it. On our way down to the hotel we had a wonderful lunch on a organic farm and got to wander the gardens and later on the road we got to see zebras! They are by Hearst Castle and it was so magical seeing zebras on the side of the highway. The rest of the road trip was super fun as well. I can't wait till the next time we see each other. Drea and her family love traveling just as much as I do... so hopefully we can meet up again in Mexico!!

My last visit with them...

Friday, July 8, 2016

Take A Hike (A Bucket List)

It's been awhile since I have been able to make it to this space. We have been busy doing all the summer things... friends visiting, road trips, hiking, summer school, and just relaxing when we can. A few weeks ago we celebrated my birthday with a secret hike to a waterfall. It was so awesome to find this hidden gem basically in our backyard. Although, our neighborhood isn't the best we have some amazing hiking trails being so close to the foothills.

If you haven't guessed being outdoors and exploring new places is our thing. Showing Audrey what this world has to offer and how to protect it has really become our main focus lately. In between all our travel this summer her grandpa signed her up for a nature science camp. She is super excited to learn more about nature. We also created a bucket list for our hiking adventures. A wish list of things we want to see and explore. This summer we will be venturing to Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. We are super excited to hit the road. Here is a list of things we are hoping to see...

1) Manoa Falls
2) Crouching Lion 
3) Lanikai Pillboxes 
4) Lulumahu Falls
5) Zion National Park
6) Horseshoe Bend
7) Antelope Canyon

and so much more :)

There is also a ton of local hiking we want to do this year as well. We plan on using Eventbrite to see what group hikes our going on in our area.  Meeting new people who share a love of hiking would be really awesome. This site helps you share and create events free of charge. It is a cool way to see what is going on in your area and take a hike :)