Friday, August 1, 2014

Flordia (South)

After visiting up North we road tripped to West Palm Beach to stay with good friends. This is when I learned that North Florida and South Florida have two very different vibes. By this time, Audrey was way off her schedule and for the next few days she was really, lets just say...out of control. We headed to South Beach thanks to Drea, who found a cute little apartment to rent. Once we were there we enjoyed good food, desserts, and drinks. We also learned that Florida is in its rainy season in the Summer. At times it poured like crazy but never when we were outside...thankfully. I got a chance to try Haitian food and Brian had his first Cuban sandwich. It was nice to be in a new city and see new things. We got to see the art district (really awesome) and the main streets in South Beach. My only problem was my camera was giving me issues, so these were the only pictures I managed to get. We had a really good time with really good company even though Audrey was at times a little unruly :)

More on our trip from Drea.

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