Sunday, September 29, 2013

School Life

Lately I have been thinking more about education for Audrey and what we want for her. The truth is... I'm not sure what we really want in a preschool. My nephew just started a preschool program and loves it. They have share day and they even go on little field trips. Right now, Audrey attends Grammy's Preschool of Fun aka Grammy and Pop Pop's house. They have a good routine set up and my mom does projects with her, they work on shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. They also go on little field trips and you can always find them at the park. I pack her lunch and she even has a small little back pack :) 

For now, home preschool works for us and I love that she spends her days with her grandparents...we are so lucky. I am thinking next school year...we may do a part time program for her. My first priority is making sure we are teaching her manners and being kind to others. Another thing that is big in our home is taking time to get out and explore... I truly believe you learn the most through doing and seeing things. What learning styles and programs work for your little ones?


  1. A lot of our parents do co-op preschool where there child goes 3 days a week for a few hours. you go with and then you eventually partner up with a parent and one of you stops going... blah blah blah... helps with transition. Kids are starting as early as 2... Kids and parents love it!

  2. Oh wow, that sounds interesting. So many options.