Friday, February 24, 2017

School Life

Kindergarten life has been going pretty good for this little lady. She is enjoying school and really loves teachers. We are still working with and her focus issues though... I think with time everything will be okay. We have been using essential calming oils which she loves and puts on every morning and afternoon. We also switched up her diet to a mostly plant based, gluten free diet. Yes, I'm one of those people. I thought it would be a hard switch but she never even noticed. Audrey aced her first spelling test... we were so proud. I have a feeling academics will come easy to her... she loves doing homework for the most part and likes to get her week worth of assignments done in one night.

Last week she was getting her valentine's ready to pass out for her class... she sat and made almost 50 valentine's card. She was so focused and determined to make each one special. It was pretty cool to see. Audrey's favorite subject is of course art... her reasoning, she just loves to create. Audrey also joined the ecology club at her school. She has learned about the effects of garbage in our oceans and how to make art from recycled material. It has been really cool to see all the learning and growing she has done this school year.

Some days I dream about pulling her out from school for a bit and jumping on the whole homeschooling train. The freedom to learn when you want, how you want, and what you want is so appealing. The more adventures we could take and learn from. So who knows what is in store... it is a good feeling to know that anything is possible though.


  1. Ugh we have been having focus issues as well! It is very perplexing and sometimes frustrating...