Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two and a Half Ladies

Life has been super busy this month. A good but busy month. For the new year, I wanted plenty of adventure and creative projects in our lives. We work really hard during the week and I want to make our free time count. My forever goal will always be to balance work life, adventure life, creative life, and home life. Making each day count is what it is all about. We managed to make it down to L.A. this month on a quick three day weekend. It was nice to get away...even of it was just for the night. 

My sister and I packed a bag and we were off.  First stop was a bench over looking the city of L.A. and some down time in the park. We made it to Venice Beach just in time for sunset and dinner. Venice has such a good vibe and even though there is a ton of people, it still feels relaxed and there is plenty to see. We then made it back to our hotel room in Hollywood and relaxed (much needed) in bed. 

The next day we set out to explore some old ruins in the canyons of Brentwood. We made sure to have a big breakfast before the hike. Think lots and lots of vegan was good!! We explored the canyon for a few hours. It was one of our most challenging hikes...we literally slid down the canyon on our bottoms. We made some good memories on that hike and I love that those memories are with my sister and my daughter. We don't just count the days...we make the days count. 

Our last trip to L.A....


  1. i love venice so much. one of my besties had a cute bungalow right off of abbot kinney so i got to spend some time there. looks like you had a great time

    1. Oh wow...I loved Venice. We had a great time. Thanks :)