Friday, February 10, 2017

Three States...Fours Days

Happy Friday!! What a busy week it has been. Not to mention all the rain we have had... it has been raining since last Saturday... so crazy. I just keep reminding myself to think of all the waterfalls there will be to explore. They also say this weekend that the sun should be back... so some exploring will be happening. Brian and I are trying to plan a little Valentine's Day hike for us and the little lady.

So the photos above are from our little summer road trip. Three states, four days, and five hikes... it was so fun. Brian, my sister, and Audrey flew to Las Vegas to drive to Utah and Arizona. We explored up at Zion National Park, Kanarravile Falls, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  It was also crazy hot that week, breaking record temps... but still so worth it. Audrey had loved playing in the creeks at Zion and loved the waterfall hike we did in Knarraville. The creeks kept us cool on our hikes so we could pretty much go all day. I was so happy we were able to show Audrey these amazing views that you just don't see every single day

We ended the trip in Las Vegas for the night and stayed at the Paris Hotel. Audrey's dream is to see the Eiffel Tower, so we figured the Paris Hotel was as close as we could get for now. We mostly hung by the pool and relaxed. We hope to make it back to Zion and stay a few days there because there are so many amazing hikes to do. Also, the park is so organized and it is easy to get around with their shuttle service. Overall, it was a great family trip and we all made good memories.


  1. We are going to Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon next month, I cannot wait for the break of blah midwestern weather.