Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hawaii Adventures

Hawaii was honestly the best. Audrey still asks daily if we could move there. She loved that the weather and the ocean was so warm... I loved it too. She kept assuring me she didn't need a sweater and was so proud to keep telling me that. We hiked, beached, ate, relaxed, and chased sunsets. We stayed mostly in North Shore on Oahu and tried our best to not do touristy things. We found secret beaches, secret caves and even found a secret treehouse. We would get up early and stay out till dark. We didn't want to waste any time on the island and we wanted to see all that we could.  I loved that my sister and I literally planned to go to Hawaii on a whim. We booked flights randomly one night and the rest is history. We will be back one day soon and can not wait.

More on our Hawaii hikes...