Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Two and a Half Ladies

A few weekends ago my sister and I decided to take a road trip again...when life gets too busy I either like to tackle it head on or escape. This time... I chose to escape. We headed down south to Los Angeles with no plans except a hotel booked and the need to explore. We got to show Audrey the Hollywood Sign which I myself was excited to see again. We also visited the LACMA lights which was my first time and we even got to explore the Griffith Observatory at night. The observatory was probably my favorite part. The nerd in me loved the exhibits and the good views. It was well worth the hike up and the city lights are beautiful at night. We also did a huge hiking day and visited The Sunken City (more on that later) in San Pedro. We then ended our trip in Malibu and Santa Barbara and hiked some of the coastline.

My sister is the only person I know who is always down for a impromptu road trip. We would totally drive five hours to explore something new and drive back the same day. It was really nice to get away for a bit. The only problem was Audrey way off her sleeping schedule which at times really showed. Thankfully, she can usually pull it together for hiking and seeing new things. I am not sure where we will explore next, but I do know we will be doing something soon... can't stay put for too long :)

Our last adventure...


  1. hi there! it only makes sense that you have a blog and blog because most likely that's how you met Drea. but, you never mention it on your ig pics. believe it or not, Lily is here with a playdate and i'm online and thought "who is on top baby blogs these days?" i too was part of that whole thing for so long and it had been years since i checked. these are beautiful pictures. i miss california. it's been 7 years since i was last there. xx

    1. Hahaha...yes :) I met Drea through blogland :) come to California!!!!!!

  2. Children are truly a gift from God!