Friday, April 10, 2015

California Nights

This Spring Break has been so perfect. I really couldn't have asked for a better week. It started with Easter, Audrey's Birthday, lots of resting, and plenty of adventure. Last night, my sister, Brian, and I headed to the coast to find this hidden skate park. This DIY skate park over looks the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It is a secret skate park, so it took some research to find it. I am so glad we found it though, we made it just in time for sunset. Audrey's scooter is a two wheel scooter, not the three wheel that you usually see kids with. It turns out though, Audrey is a scooter champ and took the ramps like they were nothing. She is seriously fearless...and the bravest person I know. It was perfect night spent with the people I love... followed by some delicious Mexican food after. Do More...See More.

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