Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break Life

This last week we had off for Easter which happened to be the same week that Audrey turned four. We had a really good time off and slowed down our busy lives for a bit. There was Easter egg hunts, long naps, planting plants, art, reading, and birthday pancakes. On her birthday we decided to take her to the zoo because all she asked for was a "real camel"...we figured the zoo would do the trick. All in all we tried to keep the week quiet and relaxed but of course...we headed out on a few adventures :)

The biggest news of the week is Audrey learned how to ride her new two wheel bike without needing to put on any training wheels. Awhile back our friend Drea, got her a balance bike. This helped her learn balance first and I think helped her learn quicker. Plus, it probably helps my kid has no fear :) 

Now it is back to busy as usual. I was quickly reminded tonight when they shut down the freeway. Audrey and I weren't able to make it home till around eight o' clock :)

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