Thursday, July 28, 2016

Traveling Life

This summer has been filled with travel and we couldn't be happier. Audrey has been traveling since she was a baby and loves to fly. I have to say she is a good travel buddy. We have never had a melt down on a plane and she understands now that flying is a privilege. Our flight to Hawaii was a little over five hours and she did amazing. We stared out the window, colored, snacked, napped, watched a movie and she played her learning games. It was a great flight to and from... she is a pro.

When preparing for our flights this summer I didn't pack too much. I realize now that she is older and she can entertain herself and is pretty much content coloring. We did bring a kindle so she could do some learning games. I am not a fan of iPad type devices but she does love her games. Also since she will be going to Kindergarten this August I packed her workbooks and flashcards too. On the way back from Hawaii we took the red eye and it worked, she slept the whole flight and I was obsessed with watching all the free movies. I am a fan of red eyes... I only recommend them though if you are traveling with people that can sleep. My family and I can sleep anytime, anywhere. We plan on taking a flight to Europe next June and I think by then she will be ready for the long flight.

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  1. I really like parents who take their children on holiday. I think all children deserve holidays with family no matter how far you are going, children can go with you. Some of my friends didn't understand me and why we are traveling with our two kids. Do you face with such an attitude?