Monday, July 18, 2016

Hawaii Adventures

A few weeks ago my sister and I were out and about and the topic of Hawaii came up. We decided right then and there we needed to go. We booked tickets on the spot and worried about the rest of the details later. Many people worry that by me bringing my daughter to so many places that either she won't remember or doesn't appreciate it. However, I think quite the opposite. I feel by sharing our adventures with her she will grow to appreciate all this world has to offer and will want to go out and do good as she grows.

The moment we stepped off the plane we headed to our first hike. We didn't want to waste a moment. As soon as we stepped on the trail the beauty of Hawaii surrounded us. I carried her part of the way... mainly because I wanted to see if I could do it with her on my back. For the most part though she can do it on her own. The hike was slippery, wet, muddy, steep, and it was amazing. It makes all the hard work worth it when you see gorgeous views and a beautiful waterfall at the end. We later caught sunset at the beach. It was an amazing first few hours in Hawaii.

Hawaii was amazing and we made some good memories... more pictures to come.


  1. beautiful would love my twins to have such an experience

  2. What gorgeous pictures. As a mom of three and grandma of seven, I have found that travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. It's a great big beautiful world out there and if we can get the chance, enjoy it. It enriches the mind and teaches us how others live (and makes us glad to come home,too) Thank you for sharing.