Monday, May 20, 2013

Work Hard and Be Kind

My husband made a little mason jar piggy bank for the Little Lady a few weeks ago. Slowly they have been filling it up together. He hides change in the seat cushions of our couch and they go on a hunt for "treasure". He cut a little slit in the top, so once the change goes in, it can't come out. Surprisingly, Audrey is content with leaving the money in the jar. My husband really wants Audrey to understand the value of working hard and taking care of the things you have. Every night Audrey helps my husband feed the dogs and the chickens. She also helps clean up any mess left in the backyard from the dogs. She knows when she gets home that's her little job and something she gets to do with her dad. We hope by doing these little things, that she will learn how important it is to help each other out and to take care of what you have :) 

My husband also makes Audrey little necklaces to wear. This quarter necklace has really nothing to do with money. It is special to both of them because it has the year my husband was born on it and my husband loves to collect older coins. He already has a ton of ideas for other necklaces to make for her. It is sweet to see their bond grow and grow. They are really, truly the same person :)

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