Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet Talk

Lately this Little Lady has been talking up a storm. She is really a little talker who must get her point across :) She will talk to just about anyone and she is not someone I would describe as shy. During our commute home we have the sweetest little conversations mostly about trucks, buses, airplanes, and the moon. We have been working on her numbers, letters, and shapes these days because she has really shown a interest in them, not because we want to raise a baby genius :) Her absolute favorite thing is to draw circles and she is pretty good at drawing them I must say. This Little Lady has grown from a baby to a little girl in no time. Excited for the summer and spending more time with her. There are exactly 14 more days left of school...whoo hoo!  Hoping everyone has a happy weekend... 

Thank you again for all your votes on Top Baby Blogs... I really enjoy being here :)

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