Monday, May 13, 2013


Hoping everyone had a lovely day yesterday. I enjoyed myself and spent the day with my family. My day started with a awesome breakfast that included blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit. The Little Lady made me some art using her little feet, it was the sweetest little gift. :) We also made the rounds to all the Moms that are such a big part of our lives. The day before we had the Little Lady and her cousin paint wooden letters for all their Grandma's and Aunties. They got to get a little messy and creative at the same time :)

Being a Mama has been the most important and most rewarding job I have ever had. I feel blessed that I was chosen to be Audrey's Mama. There are a few things I want to teach this Little Lady. Some of these things are patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, and overall just being grateful for the things you have. I hope to raise a "slow to take, quick to give" kind of kid. I am not perfect and still have a ton to learn, but I believe these are some qualities that are worth having.

Happy Mother's Day especially to my own Mama, she is one amazing lady :)


  1. Happy mothers day. Hope you had a great one. I know I did

  2. Thank you so much....glad you did too :)