Friday, November 25, 2011

Doggy Brothers!

Tuffy Wilson
Benny Wilson

Dear Little Lady,
Over the past 7 months you have discovered a true love for your doggy brothers. You love to sit and stare at them, you love talking to them and LOVE to grab them. Before you came into this world your brothers were spoiled rotten, number one. Now Mama finds herself constantly saying, stop barking or stop doing this or that because now you are number one. The dogs have been so good with you. They love giving you kisses and they are very patient with you, especially when you are pulling on their ears :) When you grow up, you will all be best buds. We even painted the dogs on the wall in your room to keep you company at night. I am so happy you and the dogs seem to be getting along so well, let's hope this keeps up :)


1 comment:

  1. So sweet! I love the paintings you did of them in her room. :)
    Our kitty Shadow was our number one as well, and now of course Lillian is. We try to keep Shadow as happy as we can though too, because she is part of the family and we love her to bits!
    Lillian is loving to stare at Shadow and pet her cute!