Friday, June 7, 2013

Learning to Cook (Summertime)

Summer vacation is finally here!! Today was my last day of work for the school year. I am hoping with this extra time I can try new recipes and include the Little Lady as well. I have been getting better at cooking and I think I have kept true to this goal. So far pasta, soups, and salads are a big hit around here. They are simple to make and I love to add my own ingredients to them. Hope everyone has a nice summer and I am so happy it is finally here :)

Kale and Pesto Pasta  (I also added purple olives, red onion, and more kale)
Avocado Lemon and Tomato Pasta
Mexican Style Cucumbers


  1. Looks delicious =) What a cutie pie

  2. I'll eat anything with kalamata olives in it. Yum!

  3. we love your blog over on I just found it on ohdeardrea. I am going to try some of the food you make for your little one. But beautiful family and blog! I will be following!

  4. Love her little feet under the table ! Darling!