Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goal Keeping

Learning to cook...Squash and Chickpea Tortilla Soup
Reading more... Bring up Bebe.
Traveling more but still loving our home.
Being grateful for the little moments.

This year I really want to stick to my goals and so far in month one, I have :) 

1. Learning to cook healthy, easy, and flavorful meals. So far I have been off to a great start. I also want to start baking a bit. I don't usually crave sweets but I want to try baking muffins. I have found some pretty awesome recipes.

2. Reading... I love reading and relaxing. I did a ton of reading before the Little Lady was born. So this year I want to take some time for myself and read!! I am a huge historical fiction nerd. I already have a few books on my reading list.

3.  Travel more :) We already have a few trips planned for this year and I am super excited!! Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and Mexico are on the list and hopefully a few road trips and camping trips :) I also want to enjoy my home. We have a few house renovations coming up and I am very excited.  I am also ready for some warmer weather, we love hanging out in the backyard with our crazy chickens and rabbits.  

4. Being grateful always...especially for the little moments. This Little Lady is growing so fast and I want to appreciate every moment. We have been truly blessed with an amazing family and friends. I just want to take the time to enjoy it all :)

I also have a few personal goals for myself and my family. I know together we can do it. Happy 2013!!

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