Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goodbye Summer...

Autumn has officially begun and Summer has officially came to an end. This has truly been a memorable summer. The Little Lady has grown so much in such a short time. We started a list of fun things to do and we actually completed it and then some :) I am very blessed to be off in the summer, it was truly my favorite summer. We did so many things and some days did nothing at all. Never once had to worry about time or keep to a was heaven!!

 We met some amazing people along the way. We got a chance to visit the beautiful Maryam and her family in Hawaii. Their backyard and home is truly amazing :) We also had the pleasure of meeting Drea and her adorable daughter Marlowe :) They stayed with us for a few days before traveling home to Florida. They are truly good people and good company. As the seasons start to change, I know there is more to come for the Little Lady and I...Here's to a wonderful Fall and Winter!! 


  1. I bought my daughter's water table on a whim without realizing the cooler ones like this table!

  2. That water table is awesome. Plus Im jealous of all the autumn talk. Im in los angeles and summer is still in full force here! Its 8pm and 74 degress after 93 degree day. Oh I wish I wish fall would peak through already