Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Fall Adventures: Part One

So this past weekend we decided to take a mini adventure to Los Altos about a half hour away to a cute little restaurant called Bumble. My sister in law had told us about this restaurant and we wanted to try it since it is geared towards kids. They designed the whole restaurant with kids in mind. They have all fresh organic, locally grown food for the kids and the cutest plates to serve the food in :) They even have a cute little sand box for the kids to play in. Audrey and her cousin Julian loved it. Although, we had to leave the sand box area once she learned she could throw the sand, but overall she did good :) 

After our lunch we discovered they were having a corvette show across the way. Audrey and Julian loved seeing the cars and dancing to a little Carlos Santana didn't hurt either. They were the only two people dancing their little hearts out :) My goal is to take these little fall adventures all around the Bay Area and see where it can lead us...nothing too planned or too expensive. Just want to get out there and explore....

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  1. That restaurant sounds amazing, they should make more places like that!

    What a fun day!