Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer of Fun

Since I am officially on summer break. There is so much I want to do with my Little Lady :) I am so excited for great weather and some major relaxing and taking time to do things. No, rushing around and being constricted to a time schedule. We want to do it all and do nothing at all...whatever our hearts desire. I have compiled a to do list of fun things I would like to do. Whether we do it all or do only a few things on the list. The point of is to do whatever makes us happy on that particular day. So here is to the summer of fun...

1. Finding a near by creek to splash around in.
2. Finding new parks to explore.
3. Swim lessons.
4. Splashing around in our kiddie pool. (we still need to buy this)
5. Peach picking in an orchard. (we already missed cherry picking, boo)
6. Trips to our local petting zoo.
7. Trip to a very small water park in my home town.
8. Hopefully, long afternoon naps. (hehe)
9. Nature hikes (she loves watching birds and watching bugs crawl)
10. Our trip to Hawaii. ( wish us luck on the flight)
11. Road trip to San Diego (this will be without the babes)
12. Road trip to somewhere ???
14. Baseball game.
15. Trip to the zoo.
16. Baby play dates. 
17. ....and I am sure much more :)

What are your plans for the summer? Does anyone have any other fun things to do? Happy Summer everyone :)


  1. Advice for #4: if you're getting the blow-up kind, you might as well get a tiny one, or else buy a pump to go with it. Otherwise plan on giving yourself an asthma attack. Lesson learned! :)

  2. oh Audrey ... you are so stinking cute. I would want to hang out with you too!

  3. Ah, pool time and water parks! Fun times ahead!

  4. Awesomly nice creek to play around at is at Las Gatos Vasona Park. Creek, train, huge playground. Clean! You have to pay to enter.

  5. you guys aren't bringing audrey to san diego?!! booo!! ryleigh and i would've totally watched her the entire time for you guys!!

    1. Hi Meg, We are still deciding but I think it will be just us :) Brian for sure wants to dinner with you guys :)