Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hands Down

Best Dad...hands down :)
Excited for my thirties :)

Today we celebrated my birthday and father's day. We had a nice little bbq with my family. We enjoyed nice,warm weather and even took a dip in the pool to cool off. Audrey enjoyed the pool so much we decided to sign her up for some swim lessons once a week. Audrey also got to spend time with her older cousin Sofia,who is three. They had a great time together and Audrey could not stop giving her hugs. The Little Lady is currently passed out in her bed, she had too much fun today :)

I must admit I had some reservations about turning thirty, but today when I woke up I felt ready :) I have everything I could of ever wanted. I feel truly blessed with my little family. Brian had a nice day as well and he wore his shirt all day long. He even said, he wants to wear it to work tomorrow...ha!! We truly appreciate all he does for us :) Hope everyone enjoyed the day today... Happy Sunday :)
Hands Down...Best Day!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you! If it helps, I've found my 30's to be the best years yet! Still not looking forward to the big 40 but I've still got quite a while to dread that one:)