Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Moments

Hanging with her cousin poolside.
Porch swinging.
Dirt don't hurt :)
Reading and relaxing.

This past weekend was pretty awesome. We had a great day Sunday and and on Saturday we took the Little Lady on her first, little summer adventure :) I will post some pictures of her adventure later on in the week. Today was my first official day off with Audrey :) We spent the day relaxing and just taking time to do things. I have not looked at the clock once today. I love not being on a time schedule and just enjoying every moment, not worrying that I need to be somewhere in thirty minutes.
We spent the day playing in the backyard and playing all over the house. I even got to read while she napped. What a wonderful day to kick off our vacation. Tomorrow, I think we will actually venture out and see what there is do to :) Seriously this time...Happy Monday!

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