Friday, September 21, 2012

A Little Secret...

So, I have a secret...When we first found out I was pregnant we really didn't mind the gender too much. Just as long as the baby was healthy and happy. Either way we would have been just as happy, boy or girl. I had a secret though... Deep, deep down I really wanted a little girl :) My husband and I were convinced it was a little boy though and we were still very excited and even chose a boy name...Avery. So on that day they said..."It's a girl!" I was beyond excited and surprised...I got my secret wish :)

I think I truly wanted a girl because of the relationship my mom and I had as I was growing up. My mom was extremely busy working when I was little, but every Saturday was our time. Just the two of us would head to the local coffee shop and get hot chocolate and croissants and spend some quality time together. We would run errands and make a nice slow day of it and meet my dad for lunch or go somewhere fun on most Saturdays. Those mornings were our mornings just reserved for the two of us. Now, that I think back she really could have used some quality time to herself and got her errands done much quicker without me...but she ALWAYS included me and I am beyond grateful :)

 I want Audrey and I to have a similar relationship, we don't always have to go to fancy and expensive places but to always have that quality time...just the two of us :)

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