Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blackjack (21 months)

We have hit "blackjack" 21 months. This Little Lady is getting bigger by the minute. There are days I miss my tiny baby but it is exciting to see the little person she is becoming :) Here are some of the things she doing or enjoying at the moment...

1. Feeding her doggy brothers. (she loves to make sure they always have food in their bowl.)
2. Counting. "1, 2,....5" (who really needs 3 and 4 anyways?)
3. Repeating everything you say...I mean EVERYTHING :)
4. Really enjoying blueberries at the moment.
5  Playing with her new kitchen set at Grammy and Pop-Pops house.
6. Sliding down park slides are her favorite.
7. Finally will sit and cuddle for a bit with Mama and Daddy (I thought this would never happen.)
8. Reading books during our commute to and from work :)

 The day these pictures were taken the Little Lady woke up with the coolest bed head I had ever seen :) I didn't dare brush it or try to fix it...she looked so awesome ;)

1 comment:

  1. Her style is so darn cute! wow 21 months already, where does time go?!