Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Weeks

Relaxing :) Got dressed around noon.
Chips, books and a hungry Ben :)
Cha cha chia :)
Learning to cook... mock "sausage" bean and kale soup :)
Two weeks of fun :)
Mama and baby...matching shoe love :)

These past two weeks have been so wonderful. I have had the chance to relax, organize, and make goals for the new year. The Little Lady and I have had so much fun. There was plenty of play, play, and more play with her. I am going back to work on Monday refreshed and energized. I am super excited about the new year... one of my goals is to truly learn how to cook ;) wish me luck!! 


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    1. Thanks Mama...I am going to need it :) Any easy recipes for me?? :)

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    1. Thanks :) I wish we lived closer...I think are two ladies would so hit it off :)

  3. great pics! we make a soup like that and it's to die for!

    1. Thanks :) Really?? recipe?? please :)

  4. 1) love your gosh darn blog-- so cute
    2) love your mocs-- so cute and original
    3) love the "Chucks"-- so adorable
    4) your dog has a mohawk?-- so awesome!
    5) you will be a great cook!-- one creation at a time
    6) great pics. what kind of camera do you use?
    7) beautiful weather for outdoor fun-- you're in california, right?
    8) love your grass-- so perfect

    1. Thanks husband :) my ever so faithful reader!!!