Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wearing Your Baby


Four Reasons Why I Wear My Babes

  1. I figure there is only a limited amount of time given that you can carry your child around for. It's such a special time, they are only this small once. 
  2. It is so much better than lugging a stroller around. No packing it and unpacking it. I just place the babes in the sling and I am set. Plus, I think most strollers are annoyingly big and super over priced. I do have this stroller whenever needed though.
  3. I get to use two hands while running errands. I don't have to worry about pushing a stroller around or worry about turning away from the stroller. Shopping is much easier this way especially when it is just the babes and I.
  4. The babes absolutely loves it. She loves watching everything that is going on and being in the mix of everything. (Now, if she didn't love it we would have went a different route).

According to Dr. Sears they are even more benefits to wearing your baby. 


    1. I have only worn Aubrey a handful of times but I do enjoy the closeness of it and all of the benefits for her. Her Papa chose the Snugli and while I do like it I think I want something with more "access" for easy feeding.
      Your little one is adorable!

    2. Love your sling! What kind is it? I have the mayo wrap and Judah LOVES it when I wear him around

      1. @ Jess Judkins
        Hi, the sling is by Dr. Sears and Balboa Baby. You can find it on amazon and it comes in other colors as well. It is super comfy and easy to use :) Thanks for stopping by.

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