Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Still Here...

We are currently on Thanksgiving Break and it feels so good to have slow mornings and relaxing days once again. Work has been so busy but we are still here chugging along. We decided to stay home this holiday and just relax and be together. 

We started this school year with a quick camping trip to one of my favorite places...Big Sur. We were able to take Brian's parents motorhome and pretend we were van lifers which I am obsessed with. We slept right by the beach and could hear the waves crashing while we slept... it was perfect. Audrey started second grade and loves her teachers and is doing well with her classes. She is truly learning what works best for her and what she needs to be successful. I was also able to go on a week long adventure through the woods with my 8th grade students. It was so fun to spend some quality time with them and see them enjoy nature... my favorite place. Halloween came and went by so quick but Audrey has a blast and was the cutest chicken I ever did see. She also donated all her candy after collecting it. As a mother, I was so proud... haha!!

Now we are on Thanksgiving break and I just want to enjoy our time off, spend time with family, and rest. 

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