Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Night

Last night was one of those warm winter nights...around 70 degrees right before sunset. Our favorite thing to do is head to the beach before sunset. It is not too busy or crowded and our favorite restaurant overlooks the beach. It is just a easy trip for a little playtime and dinnertime. Brian and I our looking forward to the new year...many goals and plans have been made. This year has been good to us and 2013 has taught me that life isn't perfect and isn't always easy. You have to believe we are all just doing our best and help out where you can. 2014 we are ready for you...


  1. whoa-- nice sunset shot! -Luv H

  2. Love it! We absolutely love before bedtime beach strolls, too. They're my favorite. The past few weeks have been packed with tourists, though, and the beaches have been such a mess! :( Eager for things to regulate in a couple of weeks and our quiet mornings or evenings on the beach back! Beautiful photos!

  3. I looooove it, they looks so adorable!