Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Life

Christmas eve and day life came and went so fast. So much preparation for the day and for us it goes by in one big blur. On Christmas Eve we surprised Audrey with her very own tire swing complete with twinkle lights and all...she awoke from her nap in complete shock. Every morning, noon, and night she asks to go for a little swing since then. We try our best to give her gifts that will last for years to come and build lasting memories...that is our goal. Thankful my husband can make these ideas and gifts come to life.

We spent the holiday with our closest family and friends...enjoying good food and great gifts. Now that the holiday is over, the organizing has begun. We already organized Audrey's room and set aside clothes and toys to donate...same with the rest of our home. I am a huge believer in less is more and will do my best to pass this down to Audrey. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

We are truly thankful for our family...we absolutely have the most supportive and giving family around..


  1. I also have a 3year old girl and was thinking that it may be tiime to donate some of her clothes and toys what if i have another kid,shoundt i keep that stuff just in case?what do you think?

    1. I would for sure keep things if you plan on having more children. We have no future plans for another little...although never say never :) We have a bin for any sentimental things we want to keep. All other things get donated or pass down to family and friends.