Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best Buds

 On Saturday we had a pretty great day. We had cousin Julian over and so we headed to our local petting zoo/park. This park is designed for babies, toddlers, and small children. The cousins had a blast at the park. They got to pet animals and got to go on the little rides. The Little Lady rode her first carousel, she was in heaven. One ride the cousins were too short for and the Little Lady was so sad, good thing there were plenty of other things to do there. It makes me happy to see these two little guys together, they really have a special bond. Plus, this little outing gave me a chance to see what having two kids would be like...Oh my!!! :)

P.s. Happy February everyone :) Thanks once more for all the votes on Top Baby Blogs, each vote is truly, truly appreciated :)


  1. Oh goodness, they're so adorable with those cute beanies!! I love his Elmo shoes!! My boy is currently obsessed with Elmo, he'd love this!

    Happy February! xo

    1. Aww...thank you :) My sister in law got his elmo shoes at payless shoe store.

      P.s. I just love your pics and blog :)

  2. OMG I can't believe they both stood still for that shoe photo! You are amazing!