Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quiet Blog

Morning Play
My sis and I are twins :)
First Pony Tail :)
Rain, Rain...Go Away

It has been pretty quiet over here again. There has been a ton of rain going on this past week. So there has been lots of indoor play and lots snuggles and of course...lots of working! This past weekend I got Audrey's hair in her first official pony tail!! She actually sat down and let me fix her hair and the best part...she didn't touch it or pull out the hair tie. She looked proudly in the mirror at it and got the biggest grin. She is turning in to such a Little Lady right before our eyes. We plan to get our Christmas tree next weekend and get some small Christmas decorations up. Im sure Audrey will love going to the Christmas tree lot. Hopefully the rain will let up for some tree hunting :) Hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday!

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  1. aww, i miss those "first pony tail" days. so sweet.. enjoy your quite time for now, i'm sure things will pick up as the holidays get closer :]

    cute blog!