Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Down by the Bay

This past Saturday we decided to take the Little Lady and her cousin to Baker Beach near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The weather was around 70 degrees and sunny :) It was a beautiful clear day in SF. We decided to pick up sandwiches at a deli close to there and have a beach picnic. The cousins were in heaven running around in the sand, eating the sand, and collecting the sand :) They also enjoyed sticking their little feet in the water and would give the biggest giggle when the waves would hit their feet. 

It makes me so happy to see the cousins spending so much time together and I love that they will always have each other to fall back on. Audrey also loves spending time with her Auntie and Uncle (Brian's brother). We all live very close to each other and try to have dinner together at least once a week. This gives the cousins a chance to play together and have some toddler fun. They are forming such a sweet friendship and it is really neat to watch. 


  1. baker beach is beautiful.. i love, love, love it there!

    great pics! i especially love the one of you and your daughter with the bridge in the background. and the one with the two kids near the water holding hands.

    what lovely memories for you all!