Saturday, November 3, 2012

El Pollo Loco

The Little Lady celebrated her second Halloween as a little chicken and she loved every minute of it.
On Halloween I had to work but our school puts on a little party and the parents do "trunk or treat" for the kids. So my mom brought Audrey to this event all dressed up. She loved running around and seeing all the kids. Her favorite part was receiving the golden star balloon for her dancing and she also received a lollipop. I let her have a few licks and I ate the rest. The damage was done mom said she was full of crazy energy afterwards :) 

Later that night, after I got off work we prepared for the trick or treaters. My husband decorated the porch and set up the candy. Our neighborhood gets a good amount of kids coming for candy :) By about the fifth trick or treater coming by, Audrey got the idea. She loved passing out the candy and would drop candy in each of their bags. Each time the trick or treaters came by she would run to the door with fists full of candy for cute to watch. We didn't take her trick or treating this year since she was having so much fun passing out the candy :) Hope everyone had a nice time on Halloween. Can't believe how fast these months are flying by.

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