Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Apple a Day...

This Little Lady turned nineteen months yesterday. The time is flying by so fast. Today was her check up appointment and for the first time ever she made it on the growth chart :) This means she is in the percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. Sure it's the lowest possible (1%) but she's on there :) This Little Lady has sure done some growing and learning these past couple of weeks. Just about everyday she is saying a new word or doing something new. We are just enjoying every moment and loving the Little Lady she is becoming. Here are some of the things she is into or doing...

1. Learning all the animal noises. (so far she knows... chicken, doggy, kitty, birdie, cow and tiger)
2. Loves spotting trucks, cars, bikes, and trains. (our rides home are pretty interesting)
3. Calling everyone she meets either Auntie, Uncle, Papa, or Grammy (this is depending on your age)
4. Slides (she could do this all day)
5. Exploring the outdoors (this has always been her favorite)
6. Reading in the morning (loves to look at her books in the car on the way to Grammy's house)
7. Loves her naps and bedtime (she literally will beg to go to sleep...too funny)
8. Loves apples (every fruit and vegetable is a apple to her...except bananas)
9. Loves to throw and kick balls around.
10. The phone (loves to have pretend conversations with herself)

Here is to much more exploring, creating, and taking time to enjoy the little things...Happy Nineteen Months Little Lady :)

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  1. oh my god she is adorable!
    It so makes me miss when my son was that age!

    it's a really great blog you have, I've enjoyed reading along (:

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