Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day Date

On Saturday we spent a beautiful day in the city (sf). The weather was amazing and surprisingly warm for this beginning of fall. Brian and I got to spend some baby free, adult time together with friends and plenty of drinks :) It was a rare but fun moment...truth be told we missed the Little Lady like crazy! We both would mention her about five times every hour. Life is just better when she is around.

On Wednesday, Brian and I will be celebrating our anniversary of marriage. We both had to be reminded of this glorious day. We even had to double check that we had the correct date..ha! We won't be celebrating with huge gifts or any of that fancy stuff. We just want to take the Little Lady back to the city (sf) next Saturday and have a nice, slow family day. Picnic, park, and some sunshine...that would be my perfect anniversary :)


  1. Replies
    1. I pray they are at the park this weekend ;)

  2. you both are so cute! you're inspiring me to wear more dresses! :)

    1. I wear dresses and skirts 90% of the time. Too lazy to wear pants :)