Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday (Tuesday) Moments

Birthday parties  :)
Island spirit :)
Mama and baby :)
First Egg :)

 I'm a day late on this post. I am still getting back into this work schedule of mine. Five days a week of work?? That's rough!! I am so missing my days with the Little Lady where we just play all day and never worry about the time. Now, when we get home from work and Grammy's we tried to spend as much time together as we can before she has to sleep. Sometimes I want to keep her up past her bed time to get more time with her....hehe :) I don't though, I know she needs and wants her sleep. This family LOVES their sleep :)

 This past weekend was fun and low key. We went to a birthday party for Audrey's cousin who just turned one and we mostly relaxed around the house and enjoyed the warm weather :) One of our chickens started laying eggs, she lays an egg every morning :) We are still feeling the island spirit over here and wishing to go back to Hawaii soon...well any tropical island will do :) Anyone want to come with me??. Happy Monday (Tuesday)!!!

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