Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grammy's Pre Preschool of Fun

Audrey's first day of pre preschool with Grammy :)

So, now that I am officially back to work, Audrey has started going to her Grammy and Pop Pop's house while I am away at work. I am so very fortunate that my mom is able to watch her. Not only does she just watch her but she set up a pre preschool in her house. They do arts and crafts, work on colors, numbers, and shapes. My mom puts so much thought and detail in to all that she does. We are incredibly lucky to have her. 
This week they were working on the color green. Audrey now will point out and say "gweeen" when she sees the color. It's so awesome to see her learn and know that my mom is teaching her. I am really starting to like this ideas of home schooling. What do you think Grammy????........hehehe :)

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  1. You have an awesome mom! I will be going back to work when kiddo is 13months so it is great to find a working moms blog! Saw your link on ohdeardrea.