Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cooking with Audrey

Welcome to the...Cooking with Audrey Show!! Today's menu was, oatmeal. A simple, yet hearty meal.

I decided to give the Little Lady some oatmeal to play around with...she loved it. She got her hands in it and used the measuring tools, she ate it, fed it to me, fed it to the was an overall good old time. This kept her occupied for at least 30 minutes and gave us a chance to cool off in the evening :) The dogs thought this was oatmeal :) This is definitely an activity we will do again.

We leave for Hawaii on Sunday and I am so excited to show this Little Lady paradise, but before we can enjoy we need to survive the 5 hour and 27 minute plane ride over there. Telling this Little Lady to sit still for that long is near impossible. If you have any suggestions on how to keep a toddler busy while in flight...please oh please, share :)


  1. Did the doctor suggest anything for her ears? Mike and I would take allergy medicine because of the pressure. Check pinterest for ideas.

  2. lollipops for ear popping, play dough (there's a recipe for edible play dough somewhere on pinterest in case she's tempted to taste), coloring books, regular books, an old wallet stuffed with old credit cards and photos (ryleigh really likes playing with my wallet), toy cars/trains, barf bag puppets, DVDs. have fun in hawaii!

  3. I love the simple things that keep the little ones entertained. My daugther spends hours out on our balcony dumping water from one bucket to another :)