Sunday, May 27, 2012

One and Done?

Lately, people have been asking us when we plan on having more children and how many are we planning of having. The answer to that question is... we don't know :) I have always said that I just wanted one but, I know... never say never :) As of now, there are no immediate plans for more children. We both would like to research more on adoption and see where that could take us. We have always loved the idea of adopting an older child who is in need of a family. For right now though we are 100% complete as a family of three... plus two doggy brothers.

Even though we don't have any immediate plans to grow our family of three. We do plan to grow our animal family soon :) In a few short weeks we plan on getting three baby chicks! My husband finally talked me in to it... now I am super excited and I know the Little Lady will be over the moon. This next week we plan on building a nice coop and area in the backyard for our future chicks. Now, hopefully our two dogs will love this idea of expanding our animal family :)


  1. My daughter just turned one and this has been on the brain for me a lot lately -- it's so hard to know what's right about expanding our family (or not!). I feel a long blog post coming on... ;)

    I found your blog via Milk Friendly and am glad I did! Especially because I want to know all about the dress you're wearing in your Garden Love first pic and the one your daughter has on in the Monday Moments "exploring" picture. Details, please :)

    1. Hi, I am so glad you found me :) Both my dress and my daughter's dress are :) My dress was only $20 and I believe the brand was Merona :)

    2. Seriously?! Even more reasons to love Target more than I already do, if that's even possible. :)