Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Plan

This will be my official last week of pumping at work :) I did it, I reached my goal which was to keep my Little Lady formula free. This took hard work and determination. There were many times I didn't know if I could do it while working full time. Thankfully, I had weekends and a few days off from time to time to help build up my supply. I was also lucky that my Little Lady was only five minutes from my work, so I could run to my parents home and feed her if need be. 
My plan is to continue (for a few weeks) my morning and night time feedings with her and during the day she will be able to have regular milk...I need to discuss with my doctor still what kind of milk at her next appointment :) In the mean time, I will continue using the rest of my frozen supply and still be nursing till my next appointment. I have the whole next week off, which will be so nice. Hopefully this plan will run smoothly. (fingers crossed) 
I am so excited (and sad at the same time) that I will not be pumping anymore...pumping is hard work and so time consuming. I will finally be able to take my break and eat with two hands now....whoo hoo!
One less bag to carry as well :) I will miss you little black bag....


  1. aww, congrats on making it a year! that's amazing. i know so many woman who felt it was too inconvenient to pump, so they didn't. be proud! :)

  2. Pumping IS hard work! I pump twice a day at work, and it's not that I mind the pumping so much... it's the prepping and planning for the coverage that takes care of my classes while I'm gone. I'm gone 20 of the 40 minutes during those art periods, and it's pretty tough to maintain the same standards and expectations for those specific kids when I'm not even there to teach them each week!

    But I'm with you: keeping my baby formula free is such an important goal! (I've even had bad dreams where we're separated and someone gives her formula without my consent!)

  3. Way to go, Sissy! I'll miss the little black bag, too... ;]