Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

Three weeks old :)
I can't believe that next week I will have a eleven month old, a walking, talking, eleven month old. 
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

p.s. Does anyone have problems changing their baby?? I mean my baby does some serious acrobatics while I change her...any helpful tips??


  1. Haha, our little girl is just over 11 months and WOAH changing her has become a workout! I usually try to hold her attention by singing something silly or just placing something that she LOVES into her hands (ie. her papa's wallet or her favourite toy). Doesn't the year just fly by? Insane.

  2. what a precious little bundle :)
    My 12mo is SO hard to change. My advice? Bath squirter's. You know, little pint sized bright colored little squirt toys that babies can grib, suck on, and squeeze? Let her play with one while you change her and she'll be distracted and content to lay on her back instead of wanting to roll over... something about the flexibility and softness of the rubber (make sure BPA free)really makes them chew up a storm on those things! Good luck!

  3. my little one is the exact same way and he will be 11 months next week. I try my very best to give him something to distract him or sing to him while I change him. Good Luck Ps do you have a button?