Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chit Chat

Little Lady's famous granny smile :)

Lately, the Little Lady has been building quite the vocabulary. On our drive home from work I often hear her chit chatting away in the back seat. This makes me wonder what kind of personality she will have. I wonder if she will be talkative and outgoing like her dad? Or quiet, but always aware like her Mama? So far her vocabulary consists of four words (pretty sure she's a genius... haha!)
  1. Dada (of, course)
  2. Doggie (she is around them 24/7)
  3. Hello (not sure how she learned this)
  4. Uh Oh (we make many mistakes around here... hehe!)
 I can't wait for her to learn more words, her little voice is so sweet and innocent. In other news, the Little Lady has mastered her walk to at least ten steps at a time. Before she went to sleep tonight she was doing laps around her room, she looks like an old man shuffling around... so funny :)

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