Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out Like a Light!

Dear Little Lady,
It has been a wonderful ten months with you. Daddy and I feel so lucky to have you in our lives and we can't wait for the years to come. There is one thing in particular that we REALLY lucked out on and that is you SLEEP all night :) We are talking about a good twelve hours! We have never felt so lucky in our lives. Naps are a different story, those are more hit or miss and we are okay with that. We rather you sleep through the night any day. Anybody that knows us, knows how much we enjoy sleep in this family. Thank you Little Lady for being such a great little sleeper, we sure appreciate it.

Sleeping Cousins (Audrey, left - Julian, right)
The sleep gene must run in the family :) Same night, same position, same pajamas :)
(Total coincidence)


  1. Audrey, somehow you sleeping all night just isn't fair. Your mama would wake up every hour throughout the night. We didn't get to sleep through the night until your mama was 14 or 15 months old. I love watching you sleep in my arms when you take your naps at our house. My little angel! Love Grammy Sheryl

  2. Awe, cute sleeping poses! I notice you have a bumper for the crib. Did you always have it on there? Doing my research as a soon-to-be mom, some people claim they're a safety hazard? Have you ever had any problems? Fears?

    1. Hi Katelyn...Good question, I have heard the no bumper rule out there. We didn't use the crib until she was much older. For the first seven or so months she slept in our room in a bassinet. Now that she is older we only put her in the crib while she sleeps. Once she wakes up she is either taken out of the crib or 100% supervised while in the crib. Always check with your doctor :) Congrats!! :)